How long for my order to ship?

Your BOKS will ship within 72 hours. Shipping time will vary based on location. West coast shipping time is currently 3-5 days. Midwest shipping is 2-4 days. East coast shipping times is 1-3 days. Custom orders shipping time will be determined at time of order placement.

How will my order ship?

All Ready-To-Ship and Build-Your-BOKS orders are carefully packaged in custom designed shipping boxes to ensure your BOKS arrives in perfect condition. We use eco-friendly packaging materials as much as possible. No peanuts or plastic bubble wrap is used.

What do I do if my package arrives damaged?

Call us immediately! We will expedite another BOKS to you within 24 hours Monday - Friday. We will send you a call tag to have the damaged BOKS returned to us. Making sure the customer is taken care of is our top priority.

Do you ship internationally?

At this time, we only ship within the United States. 

Will pricing or a receipt showing pricing be included in the gift?

No. Our transaction is for our customers only. We will email your receipt directly to you.

Can I have my BOKS top engraved with something other than what is shown on your site?

Yes!  We are here to create the PERFECT gift for your clients. Feel free to give us a call or email us any time.

What if I would like to add something personal to the BOKS prior to giving it to my client?

If that item is something we can procure for you, we would be more than happy to. If it is something you already possess, then adding it to your BOKS is simple. Once you receive your BOKS, simply open the outer shipping container, remove your BOKS top, and add your personal gift. We intentionally do not seal the lids with ribbon etc. or wrap our gifts with tissue paper.

If I requested a greeting card without a message, where will I find the greeting card?

All greeting cards are placed in their unsealed envelope on TOP of the BOKS for shipping. This will allow you to write a personal message etc. When you are satisfied with your card, simply lift the BOKS top, and place the card inside for presenting to your client. Or leave it on top, whichever you prefer.

How can I make my BOKS more of a branded experience?

A fabulous alternative to directly including your logo, is the addition of your agency’s colors within the box. Any place we use ribbon, we can exchange that for ones in your color. It adds a pop of color to the box and represents you and your company, without being too over the top.  Please feel free to call or email us anytime. We are here to help facilitate a positive gifting experience for you!

Can I customize my BOKS with my Logo?

We do not recommend adding your actual logo to the BOKS or to any of the products inside. This has been shown to diminish the impact of closing gifts. According to research, clients often feel it is more direct marketing and less about actual gratitude. Leaving your clients feeling appreciated and valued is the purpose of gift giving. We do offer beautiful quote boards that can be included in your BOKS. We attach a holder for your business card on the back.

Do you offer annual client closing day anniversary gifts?

We will be introducing our Closing Day anniversary gift line, Holiday gift line and open house gifts in June of 2022.